How to Write an Ebook in 2 Days

By Ruth Barringham

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You may be asking why do you need to be able to write an ebook in 2 days?

Why so fast?

The answer is simple. So that you can write as many as possible.

We all need to write more to earn more.

If you look at the worlds best selling and highest earning authors, they all have one thing in common. They’re prolific writers who have many published books.

And when you create ebooks, they’re not only quick to write, they’re easy to publish and the selling process can be automated which leaves you plenty of time to write your next ebook.

And once your start writing quickly, you can have dozens of free reports being downloaded all over the internet by people all over the world. You can write reports and ebooks to sell, publish them as Kindle books, use them for marketing or give them away as a free offer to subscribers to help build your list.

So how do you get started?

It all starts with one idea, or one niche that you want to write about. It needs to be a big idea or a tight niche.

You then break your main idea down into different parts. For instance, the subject of writing can be broken down into the different types of writing or ways to write or what to write or ideas to write about or methods of writing.

Each part of your main idea can then become an ebook or report.

Then research the 10 most important points/topics and each of these becomes a chapter.

You then need an outline for each chapter.

Other things you need to consider is that when creating reports and ebooks, good enough is good enough. Things don’t have to be perfect. You are going to sell your ebook to those who need the information it contains. So don’t go trying to create a masterpiece. Just aim to write an ebook or report that is good enough and serves it’s purpose and provides the information your reader is looking for.

So how do you write an ebook in 2 days?

To become prolific at writing ebooks and reports in 2 days, you need to build up good writing habits.

And don’t be impatient with yourself. Just remember that no one hits the jackpot and makes home runs with everything they do when they’re starting out. When you learned to drive you didn’t just jump in a car and learn immediately. It took weeks and months to learn how to drive. And when you think of anything else you ever learned to do it was the same. You didn’t learn it immediately. You took the time to study and learn and practice.

When you first begin writing ebooks and reports quickly, it may not be possible for you to hit your 2 day target on your first try. But even if it takes you 3 days or 4 days in the beginning, you’ll still be writing an ebook a week.

You also need to know what your outline should contain. To do this you need to create a template that you can work from again and again to simplify the process and help you write faster.

Just put in the time to get everything into place and get plenty of practice, and then you’ll see results.

What’s in it for you?

The best part is that even if it takes you a few weeks to get used to writing ebooks in 2 days, you’ll still get lots of ebooks written.

You can have dozens of free reports being downloaded every day. You can have affiliates working for you, making sales and increasing your income with no effort on your part.

And even if you only manage to write short reports and ebooks that you can only sell for a low figure like $7 (and many people sell short reports for this figure), if you only sell 100 a week that’s $700/week income just from that one little report alone.

So what if you wrote 20 of these small reports? Or wrote 52 of them in a year, which is completely possible if you can write a report or ebook in 2 days?

While I write this there are 42 weeks left in this year. So do you think you could write 42 short reports or ebooks by the end of 2014?

You can if you have the right information and know exactly how to do it.

For more information and inspiration take a look at the 100 Book Challenge.

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