Write Your Novel in Just 30 Days This November - It's National Novel Writing Month

By Dave Haslett

This article has been removed after Loren Piel Attorney claimed in a DMCA Takedown Notice in April 2018 issued to me, Ruth Barringham, that he owns the copyright to this article that Dave Haslett wrote in 2008. Lying under oath in a DMCA notice means he has committed perjury.

But it seems that removing the article after his false DMCA Takedown Notice wasn't enough because I have I have also now received a petty, threatening letter on his behalf from a lawyer in New Zealand, Laura Carter, at https://www.ajpark.com stating that "In order to avoid a lawsuit, you need to remove these articles in their entirety (including titles, headers, html files, backups, etc.)."


If you'd like more help writing your novel in 30 days or less, take a look at Dave Haslett's book, 'The Fastest Way to Write Your Book'. It shows you how to come up with great ideas, plan your story, create a detailed outline, write your novel, edit it, and find a publisher or agent - all in the fastest time possible. (And it covers nonfiction books too!) Full details at www.ideas4writers.co.uk

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