The 30 Day Online Writing Challenge

By Ruth Barringham

There is an easy way to earn money online from your writing, and that is to set yourself a 30 day writing challenge.

To do it, decide what you are going to write for the next 30 days and then do it.

30 days is a good time frame for doing just about anything. It’s not too long and not too short. And once you set yourself a 30 day writing challenge, you’ll be amazed at just how productive you can be.

You’ll also be surprised at how much income 30 days of writing can earn you.

So what can you write in 30 days?

Write an Ebook

This is probably the most obvious thing to do. 30 days is plenty of time to draft, write and publish an ebook.

You’ve probably had an ebook idea in your head for quite some time. Most writers do, but they don’t always find the time to write it. But when you set aside 30 days to do it, it can be done.

Market an Ebook

If you already have an ebook you could challenge yourself to sell 1,000 copies of it in a month through free marketing.

Free marketing usually means lots of writing by doing guest blog posts, article marketing and emails. You could also write a few short ebooks to give away and allow others to distribute them too. Write free articles for your affiliates so they can help you sell more copies of your ebook too.

No doubt you can also think of other ways to market your ebook such as writing press releases, free ads or blog comments.

Write Magazine Articles

You can challenge yourself to get 5 pieces of work accepted for publishing in off-line publications. You may have to write proposals and send them to dozens of different magazines to make sure you reach your publishing target, but anything that gets rejected can always be sent to other magazines, even after your 30 days is over.

Set Up a Niche Website

Setting up a website is easy and you can earn money in different ways such as PPC advertising and affiliate sales.

You can even set up a website for free if you use Google’s Blogger.com. They have an easy to use dashboard and allow you to place Adsense ads on your site. But be warned; Blogger don’t provide any online storage space so you can’t upload your own ebooks. On the plus side, you can add hundred of pages of content.

So you can set up a niche website and challenge yourself to write 90/120 pages of content in a month (3 to 4 pages/day for 30 days).

Earn Money Writing Hubs

Hubpages is an article directory that allows you to join for free, write and upload quality articles and earn money by placing PPC ads, Amazon affiliate ads and Ebay ads on your article pages.

Each article is called a hub and you could challenge yourself to write 90/120 hubs in 30 days. Hubs are great because they can go on earning you money for years.

The ideas above are just a few of the things you can do to challenge yourself and start earning money fast.

Why not try them all? Write an ebook, market it, set up a niche website around it and make money writing hubs (which can also be used as marketing for your ebook too, if they’re in the same niche).

So don’t just sit there any longer.

Challenge yourself and win.

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