Writers' Resources

Writers' Resources

Have a look through this list of resources. It will be updated regularly so keep checking back to see what's new.

CIA World Factbook
Gives statistical data about countries plus other useful information.

Perpetual Virtual Calendar
Verify any date or day in the 20th and 21st centuary.
Great for hitorical or Sci Fi novelists.

Writers of the Future.com
Have an on-going international competition for new and amateur writers of short stories and novelletttes of sci fi and fantasy.
No entry fee.
Deadlines - 31st December, 31 March, 30 June, 30 September.
All entries must be in English.
Manuscripts must be less than 17,000 words.
All winners receive trophies or certificates and cash prizes of -
1st $1,000(USD)
2nd $750(USD)
3rd $500(USD
Also $4,000 goes to the overall Grand Prize Winner every year.
All entries must be sent by mail to:
L Ron Hubards's Writers of the Future Contest
PO Box 1630
Los Angeles
See full details at www.writersofthefuture.com

A free PDF eBook Ghostwriters From The Inside Out
Looks at what clients should look for in a ghostwriter and how to do business with them.
Contains helpful information for ghostwriters or anyone look to hire one.

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Sign Up Here for free membership to the most talked about and respected Newbie Learning Site on the web.
There's loads of regular free downloads for members as well as many free ebooks - some with free resale rights. The Newbie Club is well worth joining and it wont cost you a penny.


Everything you need for your website - FREE! Bravenet.com
Templates, forums, email, chatrooms, web tools, calendars, traffic, classified ads and more.

A Swarm of Traffic to Your Site
Targeted prospects will swarm your site 24/7!
Just 5 minutes to set-up, it's automated, "viral" and proven - and best of all it's FREE!

Secret Attic.com
Secret Attic.com are holding free competitons for short stories, poems and scripts.
Prizes differ and the winners will have their work produced in booklets of the best 20.
Go to http://www.secretattic.com\competitions.htm for all the details.

Travel/Daily Mail Reviews
Send a review of your holiday, or some particular aspect of it.
The best appear in the national paper and others on the web site.
The best-of-the-best receives a prize of £1,000 GBP towards your next holiday.
No entry fee.
Details of entry at http://www.thisistravel.co.uk/travel/essintials/ article.html?in_article_id=41809&in_page_id=140

Perpetual Virtual Calendar
Verify any date or day in the 20th and 21st centuary.
Great for hitorical or Sci Fi novelists.

Has writers' markets, resources and more.
Subscribe to their free newsletter, Writers Write Update which is full of new market listings, updates of The Internet Writing Journal and free ebook giveaways.

Marcia Yudkin
Visit her web site at www.yudkin.com and sign up for the free newsletter, Marketing Minute which emailed every Wednesday. You'll receive a free 23-page bonus report for subscribing.
Marcia Yudkin is an author of several books incling 6 Steps to Free Publicity

A Fast and Easy Way for any Writer to make Serious Money
One of the fastest and cheapest (because it's free) for any writer to get published is to write an ebook.
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American Consumer Opinion.
This is open to anyone anywhere in the world and pays checks, sent to your home or office.

Test & Vote Paid Surveys
This company pays in credits that can be used to buy books from Amazon.

New Age Work At Home Plan
Fr*ee eBook. A 10 step simple plan to help you on your way to starting your own successful online business.

Fr*ee downloadable scripts - movie scripts, screenplays, TV scripts, radio scripts, unproduced scripts, musicals, animation scripts and even soon-to-be-released movie scripts.
You can also upload your own scripts for them to host for fr*ee or provide a link to where your script is on-line.

How to Write the Perfect Scene
Truly inspiring advice from fiction writer Randy Ingermanson

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