How to Write Fast and Earn More Money From Your Writing

By Ruth Barringham

Writing fast is really fun and extremely productive.

There are some that will tell you to take your time and be really creative. “Enjoy the process” is what they tell you, but to me it’s a mantra for failure, because you won’t enjoy things that take too long to do.

Making goals happen fast is a lot more fun and more profitable.

But if something is fast to do but ISN’T enjoyable, then you’ve picked the wrong goal.

Working quickly helps you to keep focused too.

Working fast and focused means you have a fully engaged mind, which leads to a feeling of greater productivity which keeps you motivated and inspired.

It also keeps you in control of what you're doing instead of time slipping through your fingers while you get very little done.

Working quickly not only gives me greater focus, but it gives me more meaning to what I’m doing because I’m doing more.

Speed gives me a greater push to achieve my goals.

But to work quickly and productively creates a need for organisation because I don’t want to waste time searching for things. I also organise my time so that I have time for everything.

And to have more focus means I have to let go of unnecessary things like people who waste my time or worrying about other things when I’m working.

I feel constantly challenged as I work against the clock to reach my daily/weekly/monthly goals of writing and publishing.

This may seem like a stressful way to work, but it’s a good stress that keeps me working and producing.

And when I produce, I feel great.

But how much faster is better?

If you want to get more done without needing more time and you want to keep making achievements every day, then you need to work faster.

Start by trying to write twice as fast as you usually do. Use a timer.

Eventually you’ll able to get 10 times more work done than you used to do.

Really challenge yourself. Don’t go for soft goals.

Get rid of any limiting beliefs, AKA, excuses.

I write a lot because I write quickly.

I can write a short ebook or report in just 2 hours.

I can write and edit a 2,500 word article in less than an hour from idea to publication.

Ideas need energy and speed to keep them alive and keep them going.

Going slowly makes ideas shrivel and die.

On a good day I can write and publish 4 or more blog posts and 1 or 2 articles (depending on length). And I only work 3 to 4 hours a day.

I can schedule my articles and blog posts for publication on different days while I get on with other writing.

So what’s your next goal for writing faster?

How much do you want to be able to write in a day?

How are you going to achieve it?

Don’t wait.


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