5 Strategies For Writing Fast Blog Posts, Emails or Social Sharing

By Ruth Barringham

In this age of speed, with no one wanting to wait long to receive information or to read it, it sometimes becomes necessary to share fast information. It may be that you want to write a fast blog post or shoot out a quick email to your subscribers or share something on a social website (Twitter, Google+, etc).

Whatever the reason for needing to come up with ideas of something you can create at speed for your blog, an email or for social sharing, there are several things you can do.

Share a Thought
Sharing a thought can be fast. If you’ve been thinking about something funny, provoking or interesting, you can share it. You can also talk about an image that you’ve seen and share your thoughts and insights on it.

Share a Video
Many people share short YouTube videos that they find that are relevant to their audience. Ted.com is also a website that has videos you can share and explain how it can help others.

Share an Article
Sharing an article is great too. If you find an interesting or thought-provoking article online (or anywhere else) you can share your thoughts about it or add your own ideas and tips.

Share A Resource
If you find a resource or a useful tool online you can share it with others. It could be an app, a website, software or even a book.

Personal Photos
You can share one of your own photos. People often like to see the face behind the writing so sharing a photo of yourself can be of interest to others. Or you might have a picture of a cute animal or a beautiful sunset to share. If it’s relevant, share it.

If you want to write fast blog posts, emails or do social sharing, you need to think fast and just do it. Don’t over-think what you want to do. Choose what you’re going to share quickly and don’t let your idea get stuck in the mud of your “should I?/shouldn’t I?” mindset.

Share often. Share more. Share fast.

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